What do you want in a watch for Training or Running?

The Interval Timer can be set for up to ten different interval times. You can, for example, program the watch to time a 3-minute hard effort with a 1-minute recovery, a 4-minute hard effort with a 2-minute recovery, followed by a 5-minute interval, with a 3-minute recovery.
The Timex Ironman Sleek watch is such a good personal trainer that it can even provide some variety to you workouts. In other words you can use your watch to program an entire work out for yourself!

Lap time is the time for part of an activity. On a 250m track, you need to run four laps to complete a kilometre. The lap time is a measurement of how long it takes to finish each individual lap. Split time is the accumulated lap times.
Timex watches start at 10-Lap, 30-Lap, 50-Lap, 100-Lap- for your needs.

The Timex Ironman range has a number of timers that are handy for training. The timer sounds an alarm at the end of a specific time that you can set.

You can recall workouts by date on a Timex Ironman watch. It will remember the exact lap times, and your best and average lap times too. Easy to keep records for training for your first half or full marathon.

The Chronograph function on an Ironman watch does much more than tell you how long you’ve been going. Like your own personal trainer, the LAP/SPLIT feature in the chronograph can help you pace yourself when you’re training and racing too. You can recall your workout and read your lap and split times as well as your best lap time, your average lap time and your total workout time.

Easy to use - To keep track of your kilometre splits during a 10-kilometer race, you’d press the START/LAP button as you passed each kilometre mark. You’ll see two times on the watch – one showing individual kilometre (Lap) time, and the other showing your accumulated (Split) time. It is easy if you remember that the large number is your Split time and the smaller number is your individual lap time. After the race you can see how well you paced yourself.

If you’re training on running laps around a track and wanted to average two-minutes-a-lap, you would set the countdown repeat timer to 2:00. At the end of every two minutes the Sleek watch would let you know if you are keeping your desired pace. The watch will even count for you. On the screen, you’ll see “Rep 1” during the first interval, “Rep 2” during the second … all the way up to “Rep 199” on some Ironman models. You can set the timer to repeat a set time.

This feature is so you can train anytime of the day. The Indiglo night-light is not merely a little light shining in the corner of the dial. It is electro luminescent technology, patented by Timex, which lights up the entire dial uniformly. This can be activated by pushing the crown in. All Timex digital watches have this function.

Night mode allows the user to illuminate the Indiglo light for 3 seconds with the push of any button, regardless of the mode or function. Pressing and holding the Indiglo button for 3 seconds activates the night mode (in some models a half-moon will appear on the screen when night mode is activated). It can be de-activated manually by once again holding in the Indiglo button for 3 seconds, or else it will automatically disarm after 3 hours.

From the above you can now choose which watch suits your running requirements from the list below

• 100-hour Chronographs with laps and splits
• Variable Memory Recall of laps and splits:
• 10-Lap, 30-Lap, 50-Lap, 100-Lap,
• Most models 100m water resistant
• Indiglo Night Light

• Acts as a personal trainer on your wrist
• Displays heart rate in beats per minute (bpm) or % of max
• Digital transmission (no coding needed)
• No interference or “cross-talking”
• Athletes work out in desired heart-rate zone in order to achieve their objectives
• SiRFstarIII GPS technology tracks pace, speed, distance and more in real-time, allowing athletes to measure, review and advance their performance.
• Compatible with ANT+ power meters and Training Peaks online software

• Basic Digital Functions:
o Time, Date, Alarm, Stopwatch (Chronograph)
• Indiglo Night Light
• Most models 50m water resistant

If you’re after something you can also use tramping and outdoor activities which is stronger and tougher

• Rugged outdoor Styling
• Most models 50m water resistant
• Most have Indiglo Night Light
• Some with Stopwatch, Countdown Timer & Alarm
• Available in:
o Analogue, Duo-Display, Digital
o Some are Shock resistant to I.S.O Standards

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