Rotorua Marathon Survivors Club

On 6 May 2017 123 members of the Rotorua Marathon Survivors Club returned to take on another lap of Lake Rotorua. They were joined by another 23 who were taking up the “Lake” challenge for the 15th time. In other words they were pending member of the prestigious club. All 15 that started completed the journey and where inducted in to the Rotorua Marathon Survivors Club.

The membership of the Club now stands at 517 plus 37 who have “passed on” this bringing the total membership 554.

Full list of 554 Survivors after 6 May 2017

Below is a list, by years, of the 146 members that moved up into the next year after completion of the 53rd Rotorua event. i.e. one (1) moved to 40 years.

   40 years - 1  30 Years - 2  22 years - 7
   39 years - 1  29 years - 2  22 years - 6
   37 years - 4  28 years - 7  20 years - 9
   35 years - 1  27 years - 9  19 years - 8
   34 years - 3  26 years - 7  18 years - 9
   33 years - 1  25 years - 2  17 years - 8
   32 years - 3  24 years - 9  16 years - 16
   31 years - 2  23 years - 13  15 years - 23

After the 53rd Rotorua Marathon on 6 May 2018 the following joined the Club.

David Brell, Nicky Brell, Denise Brunskill, Neal Cleary, Phillip Cooper, Richard Crawford, Lay Cunningham, Les Dobson, Colleen Donaldson, David Durnin, Eleanor Hamilton, Betty Harp, Barbara Tucker-Jamieson, Susan Johansson, Lynette Kipa, Geoff Laws, Relda Matthews, Eileen Odgers, Brian Sangster, Graeme Tindall, Clasina van der Veeken, Kevin Willers and Brian Wilson.

The following members made the next 5-year milestone:

20 years
Michelle Allison, Debra Arnold, Richard Bright, Tony Clarke, Ant Gear, Desmond Hussey, Murray Jackson, Shayne Lyons, Randal Morris

25 years
David Beverley, Max Bragg

30 years
Jenny Brady, Graham Richardson

40 years
James Crosswell

All were presented with their official Survivors polo shirt, embroidered with the survivor’s club logo and the milestone they have reached at the prize giving on Saturday evening.

This year sadly there have been a number of members who have “passed on” and here mention must be made of the passing of Bernie Portenski a staunch supporter of the Rotorua Marathon. Bernie joined the Survivors Club in 1993 as a foundation member and at the time of her passing had 33 Rotorua finishers to her name.

If you believe you could be eligible for admission to the Club in 2018, please email Pam Kenny at or post to 3 Haratua Place, Rotorua 3015 details of the previous 14 Rotorua Marathons you have finished (time and years) and if your family name has changed your former names(s).This is so these details can be verified against the events records. It is important that this information is advised well before the 2018 event on Saturday 5 May to allow time for your prestigious polo shirt to be ordered in.

Participation in the Half Marathon, 5km or 10km events does not count towards membership: neither does the rained out 1999 event.

In our last mail out to members a number of postal letters and emails have been returned. Should you have changed your postal address and / or your email address please advise Pam at either of the above addresses.

Also should you know of members that are in the “active” list that have now passed away please also advise Pam.



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