5.5km Fun Run

The 5.5km Fun Run/Walk is a non-competitive events held for people of all abilities. The course will be approximately a 5.5km loop.  The recommended minimum age is 14 years on race day. Dispensation will be required from the Race Director for participants younger than 14 years of age.


Start - 8.45am
The start line is on Queens Drive in the Government Gardens. Runners first then walkers. On the course walkers are to stay to the left to allow people to pass, and if still out after a couple of hours please give way to the first marathoners coming in.

For participants in the 5.5km or Quarter Marathon Fun Run, please read the Marathon rules as they apply to you, especially when on the course - you must run or walk within coned areas. At all times obey instructions given to you by the Police, Marshals and Event Officials.

To pick up your event number, race bag and timing chip you will need to go to registration on Friday between 2pm and 9pm or on Saturday from 6.30am until 8am. You will also be able to enter at registration up until 8am Saturday.

Fun Run Winners
Although this is a Fun Run, we acknowledge the first three male and first three female across the line for each event. These people are to pick up their prizes at Prize Giving later in the day.

Spot prizes
Minor spot prizes can be won after picking up your event number at registration. Major Spot Prizes are randomly drawn during the day and winners will be notified on the big screen. Prizes can be collected from the outdoor stage, where all entrants from all events are eligible.

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